December 29, 2010

Hello world!

Hello world!!!!!!!!!

Since this is the first post on this blog, I'll mention what's it gonna be about..I can't write fun stuff and I am also not very creative, and not at all geeky. So, this is gonna be all about the new things I learn and the stuff I am interested about.It will be a total mix of everything. And I want this to be a reference to myself, to see what I have been doing.. At least, this way I can evaluate whether I have wasted all of my time or used it wisely..I hope all my readers will help and encourage me..


  1. Hellooooooooooooo! Post something here will you! Then we can rule the blog space together!

  2. hey.., I started my postponed task of blogging because of u..thanks my friend...lets rock :D

  3. Aaaaw! I feel honored! :-D

    Now write, write and WRITE!!!