January 3, 2011


Ok...now am gonna write about my FYP progress. I am horrified at the thought that I need to submit the PPF tomorrow.. :( I still don't now what to do...

I'll start from the beginning.

I didn't want to continue with my 3rd year because I was null with most of stuff. But, then again  I changed my mind. And most of all, if I take a semester break APIIT will increase fees :P..don't have to pay them more than they deserve..

Ok..so then I started my mission FYP. Since long time back, I wanted to do something related to databases. However, after some googling I had changed my course to data mining without even knowing. So I went through the projects in the library as well. I wanted to do a "Stock price predicting system". So I went to meet the lecturer who had been doing databases for our batch through out the degree program. He and also PM told me it's a highly uncertain domain. They asked me to either choose a different domain. But since I am not creative, I couldn't find another domain..I gave up data mining.

My next idea was an "offline signature verification system" . PM said this was ok unless it's different from what is already done at APIIT. So i made it a ANN system. And that was stupid. PM said "you can't say it's NN. You have to research.Perhaps there are many other better ways to approach" ok..now i started to have my dilemma again..do or not to do..and although I did research alot about image processing, I felt that it wasn't really my thing.

Then...the 3rd topic. I was helpless. I didn't want to mess up with image processing or audio. Something people will use.  My to-be-supervisor gave me an idea to develop a speech to formula generator. It seemed ok. And i was told I could use the Java Speech API. I had a inclass exam at uni and had to go to that and i missed a FYP session. Unfortunately, that day someone else has got approval to it. My to-be-supervisor had mentioned it to him and asked him to check with me and he didnt. so i lost that topic as well..

And then....a report generator plugin for PHP in eclipse ;), a text summarizer, a audio summarizer, english to sinhala subtitle generator...bang!!! i hit my final domain. Natural Language Processing in Sinhala..this redirected me to my to-be-supervisor. He was very interested and had even talked with PM and taken me for his supervisee even before I had finalised my topic..And have to say.., I have not yet even finalised it..Lets talk about it in the next post..

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