January 3, 2011


the final domain...

ah..just got to know that the PPF submission has been postponed to next week..yipee...:D

Lets talk about this domain...My first idea was to create a translator. My supervisor explained to me that it is almost impossible to do such a huge thing in 8 months. I would have to identify my scope. A very limited scope. According to him, doing the translation (Sinhala to English) itself is  a huge thing and therefore I don't have to worry about making scope wider. He said its very risky to do this in 8 months still and that is really huge work for FYP. He gave me an idea to develop a Sinhala spell checker instead. he said it would give me a fall back option.

and then vacation started..and i was asked to research about the domain. I researched and sent him a mail but he did not reply me. So I was blank on what to finalize on. Finally just the day vacation ended he sent me a msg in reply asking to meet him the following day. During that time I made a post in the Sinhala Unicode group about my FYP. Dr. Ruvan Weerasinghe sent me a mail after seeing my post mentioning some of the areas he thinks I could focus for FYP and one of it interested me. That's POS tagging. I researched a lot about it and made up my mind to do it. When I met my supervisor the following day, he told me to choose anyone I like and that both were ok. But he said he thinks I better do the spell checker. And I mentioned to him about my new interest in POS tagging. And he said that it is not gonna work out. It's too wide and if I limit it to a domain, that means I am being unfair to it..and.."Dr.Ruvan told you about it because that has been his research area for past 10 years" :P phew..that was a narrow escape..

Translation has a small problem. It means I need to find a domain as well as a POS tagged word list. And if I could not get the word list from UCSC I will had to do it myself, which means that's 2 projects. :( I don't think I can handle it..So am back to the spell checker.I think doing a browser plug-in would be more worth than for an editor. But am still working on it..good luck to me..:D
Later :

I decided to do my FYP on POS Tagger and the scope was achievable. I got help from LTRL and Dr. Ruvan. I finally finished the FYP and gained a 1st class :)

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