March 30, 2011

Lions to Mumbai !!

..and back to Sri Lanka with the cup..

dream come true for all Sri Lankan. Our boys got qualified to the finals and that's second time in a row. 1996 aussie were runner up and champs for 3 consecutive wcc tournaments, last time we were runner up and isn't it obvious that we are gonna win it this time :D and hopefully forever after, sri lanka will dominate..
wishing good luck to the most amazing cricket team at the tournament to bring the cup to SL as sanga said.
I want to especially mention some key players I love in our team. First, without no doubt its Sanga. The best personality, outstanding captaincy (as mentioned at the presentation yesterday) and brilliant performance. and next I like Malinga and Mathews, who are equally brilliant and both of them being life saviors at any critical moment our team faces. Mahela too, though am not sure where to put him on 2nd place after sanga or at joint with Malinga and Mathews. And Dilshan who is turning out to be the hope of the team, but i don't like his attitude but he is amazing. and murali who is the legend of our time. I've heard of Aravinda and other players who are legends, but i have not seen them play. and to think what a luck Murali has. A wicket in last test match ball and a wicket in last ODI ball at SL. And I believe that how difficult it would be for us at finals, Murali's luck will bring us the cup. And above all players, I dont like murali as Sanga, Mathews or Malinga, but I respect him above all others. for making us proud as a nation.

And I salute, all our heroes.., we are always with you.. and now......

go get the cup guys....!!

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