April 12, 2011

Harvard referencing on Microsoft Word

As you might have seen, the bibliography and citations provided does not have harvard reference style. Imagine how easy it would be if it could be done automatically.

You can customize the bibliography styles as you want. Just need to write a simple XSL. (I should try it when I have time and hopefully add a tutorial too ;))

I tried putting in some styles I found at BibWord styles for now. it does not provide the exact harvard reference style expected from us, but I think it's handy enough to help a little, than doing everything manually. refer the styles provided from here

Harvard-AGPS is the closest style to what is expected. bibliography seems fine for now(need to check), but citation does not come with initials.

For example,
bibliography - Pustejovsky, J 1998, 'Generativity and Explanation in Semantics: A Reply to Fodor and Lepore', Linguistic Inquiry, vol 29, p. 290.
citation - (Pustejovsky 1998)

we need to have citation as (Pustejovsky J. 1998). therefore I recommend that you keep these styles only as a guide and reshape it to whatever needed.

You just have to extract the .zip file and put it in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\Bibliography\Style folder.

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  1. http://www.softpedia.com/get/Others/Home-Education/Harvard-Reference-Tool.shtml