April 14, 2011

Sinhala New Year

It's Sinhala new year today and I broke the first rule for the day by eating twice during nonagathaya :D. Any way I would like to wish to whoever believe in it a very happy new year ahead.

I don't know much about the philosophy behind the new year, but I believe it had a different purpose back then than it does now like forgiving and putting back anger/arguments, meeting up with family, eating, cleaning and bathing(for those who don't do it :P), etc . I think whoever invented the function wanted to bring out those ideas and just decorated it with some beliefs of nakath to make it more convincing for people. That must have being because the people didn't want to be reminded what they were missing as if it was a mistake. Instead, they made it a special occasion mixed with beliefs to convince them. That way people believed sun going from 'meena' to 'mesha' was actually a good and a inbuilt time to start fresh.

I personally don't believe in this and I actually hate doing those rituals. I have a whole different plan set up for myself when I have control over my life ;)

The only thing I like about new year is wearing a new frock and eating kawum and also getting money from all of my relations ;)

When I have my own place, I would make sure to leave my home for a big trip during new year vacation. Probably for 3-4 days. And I wouldn't have to bother visiting relations, sending food back and forth the lane to neighbours, wishing everyone and all other trouble in the world. And the worst is replying to SMS and facebook photo tags, I hate them all. Anyway FB or twitter or email is better than SMS, it at least doesn't waste my credit.

Again, wish you a very happy new year (for those who believe :D)

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