April 2, 2011

Today is the big day..

Today is a huge day..n i cant wait to see it end victoriously., the excitement is almost killing me.

And to add to it, i feel so sorry for the of Indians these days. they are desperate and pathetic. the shows that they have been putting up is only because they are afraid to get crushed between the lion paws.., i would have never said it before, but you leave us Sri Lankans no choice, other than to disgust you. actually pity would be a better term. y do you want to make such a huge issue of something that is not even yet confirmed. and we will never go above rules. you know how we play the gentlemen's game in a gentlemen's way. you guys.., even if you win, u don't deserve to. you have made Sri Lankans stronger in their hopes and wishes for the lions. We being a small country, still our wishes will overcome yours, since we are genuine, unlike you. you will regret what you did. and definitely the indian team would feel it would have been better to be crushed between the lions' paws than being homeless and hit to death by rocks. that's the way you people are. you never respect your team. it's only when they win. if they loose, you are cursing them. for us, our team is always golden whether they win or not. and to end with,

"When our mighty lions bring the cup to where it belongs, lets see what those brainless Indians have to say, u showed how desperate u are to have a bit of respect and honour, that we Sri Lankans have been having throughout by playing as gentlemen. We didn't gain it from criticising any one or cursing any one.that's the lions way.. lions strike silently..you wont see it coming..so wait and see...may indians go deaf with our roar.........!!!!!!!"

I see only sanga's shadow on the cup..sry dhoni :P

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