March 6, 2015

Git - Useful Commands - 2

Git Verify a Pull Request Locally

Before merging a pull request to your repository, it is best to verify the pull request locally. Therefore, do the following :

$git fetch origin pull/X/head:pullX

Replace X with the pull request number. Here we assume that you are directly working on the repository the pull request was sent to. Now a new branch is created in your local repository as pullX and it contains the changes of the pull request. Now you need to merge this with the current branch or any other branch to verify. Assuming you want to merge to master branch,

$git checkout master

$git merge pullX

Now you can verify the pull request and decide on the next step for committing.

Git Verify a Pull Request of Non Default Repository Locally

Assume you are on repository A. The pull request has been sent to repository A2. A2 is a fork of A. 
Now, you will have to do the following :

$git remote add upstream [url to A2]

This will add A2 as a remote branch referred by upstream.

Now you can fetch the pull request same like before using :

$git fetch upstream pull/X/head:pullX

Notice that, now you are fetching the pull request from the upstream repository. Rest of the process is same as above. 

Git Rollback a Pushed Commit
$git reset --hard <old-commit-id>
$git push -f origin <branch>

Git Rollback Last Pushed Commit
$git reset HEAD^ --hard
$git push -f origin <branch>

Git Remove a File from Last Commit
If you mistakenly committed a file and you want to remove it from your last commit, do the following : 

Checkout the required commit version of the particular file. If it is a new file, it is okay to remove the file with "rm"
$git checkout <commit_id> <path_to_file>

Now amend the commit
$git commit --amend

If you have already pushed your commit,
$git push -f origin <branch>

Amend Last Commit
--amend option can be used to modify last commit in anyway. Example : modify a file, add a missed file, change commit message, etc.

If you do not want to change the commit message,
$git commit --amend --no-edit

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