April 10, 2015

Git Useful Commands - 3

Create a branch from an old commit
git branch <branch_name> <sha1_of_commit>

or by using symbolic ref.

git branch <branch_name> HEAD~3

Push a local branch to repository

$git push origin <localbranch>

Set up tracking with the remote branch :

Tracking is useful to do pull, fetch, etc. 

git branch --set-upstream-to=origin/<branch> <localbranch>

Reset branch with remote branch

git reset --hard upstream/branch

This will reset the current branch with the given upstream branch. Then, push the branch.

git push -f origin branch

Create a new branch

Checkout the branch you need to branch from

git checkout -b branch1
git push origin branch1

Git Remove Untracked Files
git clean -df

Git Untrack Files
git rm -r --cached <filename>

Checkout from Upstream Tag
To create a branch from an upstream tag, first fetch from upstream with git fetch upstream
Now checkout the tag to a new branch

git checkout <tagname> && git checkout -b <branchname>