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January 8, 2011


FSP...????for those who don't know , google and see.., you will be definitely does not appear on the first page..:P now try "finite state process"..there u that's better..still not much luck in learning FSP. ha ha

Now what is this FSP?? It's supposed to be used for modelling the concurrent behavior, though I am not very sure how it's done. But, from what I read, it is hardly used today..but sadly, that's how we learn concurrency at APIIT. :D Of course, there  are better models to learn concurrency. However.., we are stuck with this. The only source I found, that I could understand FSP from was, this which is from the book our syllabus is based on.

Although the start was kind of bad.. gotta say..I enjoyed trying out this.its a little fun I would say. I will put down some of the FSP stuff I learnt today..