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March 29, 2011

mid point

a big milestone in my life is yet to come, that's the day I mark my official closure of the degree. This is only a sub milestone. The mid point submission is on next Tuesday. (same day we are starting the 2nd sem :( ) I was supposed to write about my FYP, actually update it because, I am not doing what I mentioned previously I was doing ;) I am doing the POS tagger I had mentioned before. It is very interesting and better than all my previous ideas. I love it. :D

I'll blog on all my experience as soon as I finish my submission. Kind of busy now. Consider this as a preface till then. .

January 9, 2011

first day with fsp

As i said earlier, what happens here is you write the FSP code or rather the model to represent the concurrent behavior. So let's get started..

First of all, download the LTSA tool from here. This tool will let you type in the FSP model and it can generate the Labelled Transition Systems or the LTS for you. What I feel is that this LTS diagram is what that really brings out the meaning of the model. So what you downloaded is the LTS Analyzer tool. Apart from generating the LTS, this tool also has an option to run animation, which helps to know whether our model is actually what you want. Stay tuned...I'l update this post soon with my FPS stuff. A little busy now. :)