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April 25, 2011

Working on your thesis with OpenOffice Writer

I admit that open office writer is not as much as user friendly and resourceful as MSWord. But when you cannot use MSWord, I am going to tell you how to customize your headings, section breaks and page numbering.


  • Goto Tools->Outline Numbering ->Numbering
  • Select the paragraph style to whichever specify the before, after separators and the Number.
  • Do this for all heading styles.

Page Numbering

  • Goto Insert->Footer->Default (Default will ignore the cover page)
  • Leave the cursor on the footer
  • Goto Insert->Fields->Page Number
  • Now format the footer as in alignment etc
  • If you want to change the numbering style,
  • Goto Format ->Styles and Formatting ->Page Styles
  • Select the footer and right click->Modify
  • In Page tab, the Layout settings has Format, which can be changed to customize the numbering

Section Breaks