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September 13, 2015

ESB 4.9.0 - Introducing ForEach Mediator

WSO2 ESB 4.9.0 Released !!

Checkout the blog at : for details on the exciting new features of this release.

You can download latest ESB version from :
Product documentation is available at :

One of the new features that is released is the ForEach mediator. This post is to give an introduction to this mediator. Documentation for the ForEach mediator is available at:

What happens in ForEach mediator?

  • ForEach mediator requires and xpath/jsonpath expression and a sequence (inline or referenced)
  • The original message is split to sub messages based on xpath/jsonpath expression and each such message is mediated sequentially in the mediation flow as defined by the sequence
  • ForEach mediator works in a single thread, thus a blocked execution
  • After the mediation of the sub messages are completed, they are merged back to the original message context to the original parent

ForEach or Iterate Mediator?

  • ForEach mediator and Iterate mediator may sound similar at first. But there are significant differences
  • Iterate mediator will always have to be accompanied by an Aggregate mediator. But ForEach mediator will complete all the processing within the mediator and will have the full message context after the mediation
  • Iterate mediator will allow sending a message to an endpoint where as ForEach mediator will not allow Call, Send or CallOut mediators. ForEach mediator is mostly useful for payload transformation use cases.
  • Xpath/jsonpath expressions can be used to conditionally select elements to be iterated in both mediators
  • ForEach mediator will not split the message flow unlike Iterate mediator. ForEach will execute all iterations in a single thread
  • ForEach supports modifying the original payload. Iterate will be used for situations where split messages will be sent to a target and collected by aggregate in a different flow. ForEach is for modifying a split message. ForEach also eliminates the need for complex XSLT mediators. 

Check out ESB documentation for samples on using ForEach mediator.