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September 13, 2015

ESB 4.9.0 - Enhanced RabbitMQ Support

WSO2 ESB 4.9.0 Released !!

Checkout the blog at : for details on the exciting new features of this release.

You can download latest ESB version from :
Product documentation is available at :

With this release there are a number of enhancements done in RabbitMQ transport support. Documentation for RabbitMQ transport is available at :

So what's new with RabbitMQ support ?

  • RabbitMQ transport is now inbuilt with WSO2 ESB. Earlier it had to be installed separately as a feature on ESB. But now it is just a matter of modifying the axis2.xml file as would for any other transport
  • Introducing RabbitMQ based message store
  • Automatic connection recovery for RabbitMQ transport incase of network failure, server shutdown etc. Just a few configurations in axis2.xml and you are good to go
  • Introducing RabbitMQ SSL transport support for sender and receiver
  • Synchronized request-response support for RabbitMQ sender. Configure a reply-to queue and RabbitMQ sender is now no longer "out-only"
  • Inbound endpoints is one of the major features of this release and we have introduced for RabbitMQ as well
  • All content-types are now supported by RabbitMQ transport

I will be writing more posts on these features in future posts.